About Spa Manners

We are folks who love to spa because we believe that going to the spa is not about pampering — it is about rest, relaxation and recuperation. It is about healing.  We often need time and space to recuperate from everyday stress, major life crises, injuries or just plain old fatigue, and we are firm believers that the spa is the best place to start healing our bodies and psyches.

We want to heal ourselves without using pharmaceutical drugs whenever possible, so we rely on proper amounts of sleep, healthy food, exercise, meditative time sweating in the sauna or steam room and really good therapeutic massages.

That is essentially who we are at Spa Manners.

So what makes us experts on the spa, you ask? Collectively, we have been going to the spa for over 25 years.

One of us grew up in a country where massage was covered by health insurance as a legitimate means of physical therapy after an accident, trauma or for repetitive strain injuries. (and yes, it was indeed a very nice thing to have massage therapy covered by insurance) Back then, the spas dedicated to massage therapy weren’t fancy but they were about recuperating, not a little luxury getaway. This was how one of us came to know spas as places for healing.

Fast forward a few years (OK, maybe a couple of decades) to when we were in the daily grind of our careers. Our cortisol levels were soaring and our shoulders were hurting, but now we actually had enough dough to find a decent massage therapist. It was because of stress, workout injuries and repetitive strain that we sought out the healing touch therapies that one of us was fortunate enough to have growing up.

We looked for a long time to find quality massage therapists. We tried freelancers, massage-only facilities, day spas, hotel spas. Turns out all the really good massage therapists were at the really nice spas, not at the massage-only facilities or freelancing on their own with a mobile table.

Once we found our favorite therapists, we started to discover all the amazing benefits of visiting the spa:

  • We learned that heating our muscles in a sauna or hot tub before massage therapy actually makes the massage more effective.
  • We found that silently centering ourselves in a quiet room helped lower our blood pressure and calmed us down before we got on the table.
  • We learned that just spending time in the sauna or steam room (without a massage) could also help us decompress after a particularly stressful day.
  • We found out about facials through the spa, which lead us to another one of our passions, skincare. We learned all about what makes a great aesthetician, and met some at the finer spas.
  • We started to comprehend that the amount of care that a first-class spa puts into your time and treatments really does put you on a path to recovery, in a very short amount of time.

We have been so fortunate to have visited some amazing spas in our time. We have also had the misfortune of visiting some not-so-great spas, and encountering people with not-so-great manners and behavior while at the spa.

It seemed that while we saw the spa as our quiet escape to a place of healing, some saw it as their time to hang out in the buff with their friends like it was their backyard. And the not-so-great spas were the ones who seemed like they were just paying lip-service to spa-goers, trying to make a buck off some gimmicky health fad or their location, which usually was an upscale hotel.

Every time we found ourselves in one of these spas or encountered bad-mannered spa-goers, we wanted to tell others about it so hopefully they would have a better experience. We wanted to start a discussion with other spa-goers and spa management about why spa manners matter. We also wanted to tell others about how great the spa is, and which ones we liked best and why. We wanted to go to spas full-time and somehow get paid for it, but we had day jobs and thriving careers and didn’t know how we could pull this off as a business…until now.

Welcome to Spa Manners. We hope you find our insights and reviews useful in your spa journey.

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