10 Spa Products (re)Discovered at ISPA 2015

Last month we were once again very fortunate to be able to attend the ISPA Conference in Las Vegas. Each year, spa professionals from around the globe attend the ISPA (International SPA Association ) Conference & Expo to become more knowledgeable and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

As attendees, we receive daily goody bags filled with spa products, and we also get to pick up other products on our walks around the expo floor. This year we got a ton of stuff and sorting through and trying it all is certainly a fun challenge.

Both Spa Guru and I have very sensitive skin on our faces, so we tend not to put new things on our faces very often. Lip products are the only exception — I can try lip products but if my skin around them isn’t happy because of them, I’ll find out soon enough. We’ll be handing out our face product freebies to our friends, family and glam squad to see what they think and you’ll be able to read those reviews in an upcoming blog post. There’s some really good stuff from our ISPA trove and we’re looking forward to seeing what our friends and estheticians think of them.

We love finding and trying out new body products and this year we found or re-discovered some great scrubs, moisturizers, balms and essential oils. We also discovered new gadgets that promote wellness. We put together a list to share, and to let spas know which ones we would really like to see carried.

10 Products/Brands Found at ISPA 2015 That We Heart

1. Farmhouse Fresh Butter Rum Scrub
Farmhouse Fresh had a very clever sponsorship at the conference this year where they took over the massive ladies’ restroom next to the main presentation theater. When we hit the restroom, we were welcomed by the smell of brown sugar and buttered rum — which was a very nice change for Vegas. The Farmhouse Fresh team had placed a tub of Butter Rum Brown Sugar Scrub in between each sink, and then had a couple of little tables with bottles of their Marshmallow Melt Shea Butter Cream.

ISPA2015-farmhousefreshI left Vegas craving that sugary, buttery rum smell for my own home so I promptly purchased some online as soon as I got back. I also picked up some Backcountry Caramel Body Milk and their bestselling Whoopie Pie shea butter hand cream. There aren’t a lot of spas carrying Farmhouse Fresh (why, spas, why??) so the best way to get your hands on some is to buy online. And there are two other good reasons to buy directly from Farmhouse Fresh: first, you can get some free samples of their various products and second (most importantly!) a portion of every direct purchase goes towards helping local rescue groups save forgotten and abused animals.

2. Smith & Cult Nailed Lacquer
We’re as conscious about what we put on our nails as we are about what we put on the rest of our bodies and what we eat. We go to organic nail salons or other highly-conscious nail spas that are obsessed with cleanliness and purity like we are. So we were thrilled to find the 5-Free Smith & Cult nail polish, or what they call “ Nailed Lacquer.”

ISPA2015-smithandcultI love the colors that Smith & Cult had at their booth — somehow their palette is different than everything else that I’ve seen in the 5-Free space. Their bottles are also beautifully designed, making for comfortable application. I got to take home the deep purple Filth Noir and an elegant grey called No Poem. I had a technician at my organic nail salon apply Filth Noir and after a week it still retained its amazing shine without chipping.

3. SpaRitual Sole Mate Foot Balm
SpaRitual was a gold sponsor of ISPA 2015 and they had an entire relaxation area below the expo where they showcased their products, offered full manicures, pedicures and massages. I wasn’t lucky enough to score a treatment but I did get to take home a couple of Sole Mate Foot Balm samples and two polishes from their new GOLD 2-Step Flexible Color System.


The winner for me was the Foot Balm, which is vegan and which SpaRitual says is formulated with Baobab Oil and Fair Trade Certified Organic Shea Butter to help soothe sore joints while hydrating and moisturizing active, dry skin. I particularly love the subtle citrusy-vanilla scent and how it leaves my feet super moisturized for hours.

4. Moroccanoil Body Soufflé in Fleur de Rose
Moroccanoil had a great exhibit in the expo but they were short on samples of everything. They just released a new orange-scented moisturizer called Fleur D’Oranger which I would have liked to try but there were no samples being given away or even open testers at the booth. So I gladly took a sample of the Fleur de Rose Body Soufflé which I completely used up before going out for the evening in Vegas.

ISPA2015-moroccanoilIt is very delicately fragranced and is very similar to sticking your nose in a rose. The Body Souffle is very hydrating, even when you have dry skin from the desert heat, and leaves behind a nice subtle glow. Although I don’t really like jar packaging, this one is next on my list to buy as my body moisturizer of the month.

5. Body Bliss Intentional Aromatherapy
I wrote a little bit about Body Bliss in a spa review but ever since I got a chance to spend some time at their booth and take home some product, I’ve been near obsessive about slathering their stuff on myself. Body Bliss encompasses everything I’m passionate about in regards to aromatherapy and spa products — they only use the finest natural and sustainable botanical raw materials and work with small collectives of farmers who produce fine, organic and ethically wild-harvested essential oils while preserving the natural environment.

ISPA2015-bodyblissTheir aromatherapy products support and enhance well-being for both therapists and consumers. After using their Body Bliss app in the booth like I would at a spa, I got to take home a generous-sized jar of their body butter with the essential oils defined in the app’s recipe for my intention. My recipe had lavender, bergamot, clary sage and lemon peel — all scents I love. This is what I’ve been slathering on after every shower and it would be great if I could get future fixes at more local spas.

6. Pure Fiji Noni Infusion Scrub & Body Lotion
Spa Guru and I got wonderful hand and arm treatments from a lovely Fijian gent while being serenaded by another at the Pure Fiji booth. The treatment incorporated a scrub (which they call a “rub”) then a lotion massage using the new Noni Infusion line, just launched in July. The Noni plant has been used by South Pacific Islanders as a source of food and medicine for over 2000 years. The company’s literature states that Noni fruit is high in selenium for skin health and elasticity, xeronine for cell regeneration, and scopoletin for anti-inflammatory effects. Noni leaf hydrosols offer skin protection and anti-ageing benefits.

ISPA2015-purefijiPure Fiji uses botanical ingredients that are wild-harvested and processed within hours of picking. Fruit from the Noni plant doesn’t smell all that great in reality, but Pure Fiji did a great job of making its infusion smell like a tropical drink, and a very sweet drink at that. To me, the Noni Infusion body lotion has notes of pineapple, guava and passionfruit. Getting that wonderful little hand treatment made us feel like we were on a mini-vacay in the tropics and left our hands and arms with a little island glow. We’re looking forward to trying Pure Fiji’s new Piña Colada line coming out in the near future, which includes lip balm, something new for the brand.

7. Jindilli Macadamia Nut Body Butter
We spoke more at length with the Aussie Jindilli folks last year at the show, but this year we were so pleased to see they had a better setup and were even doing massages at their booth. It’s not easy to find Macadamia nut butter or lotions stateside (believe me, I’ve tried) so I’m really hoping that more retail outlets pick up this fantastic, healing Macadamia nut line of products.

ISPA2015-jindilliAlmost 90% of macadamia oil is made up of 3 fatty acids; oleic acid, palmitoleic acid, and palmitic acid. Oleic Acid is a natural anti-inflammatory, Palmitoleic Acid is naturally anti-microbial and Palmitic acid is a saturated fatty acid that helps maintain the skin’s healthy barrier function. Jindili states that these fatty acids and other elements in the chemical make up of the Macadamia nut can cure or ease a variety of skin conditions — everything from dry skin to scars, wrinkles and burns. My personal favorite is the Hydra-Opulence Body Lotion because it’s super hydrating for my dry skin, leaves me with a nice glow without being greasy, and is fragrance-free so I can use it with my favorite essential oils if I want to do a bit of aromatherapy.

8. Éminence Organics Citrus Lip Balm
We’re big supporters of everything Éminence Organics does and are over-the-moon excited about their new foundation, Éminence Kids, which provides organic food from their farms to sick children around the world. (More on Éminence Kids in future posts!) We’ve tried a variety Éminence products and found them to be very potent. I used their spicy Eight Greens Phyto masque for a while when I was suffering from hormonal breakouts — this was the only product that could calm my skin down. We received a slew of different products from the show, and we’ve yet to try them. We’re getting to them! The one product I have been able to try and use frequently is their new Citrus Lip Balm, which is a pure delight.


There’s no petroleum in this lip balm, as expected from an organic brand product. It uses shea butter and sunflower seed oil to give lips hydration and sheen. The citrus is from lemon, giving the balm a lovely sweet, lemony smell and taste. Éminence says that after using it continuously for four weeks “the natural peptides make lips look voluptuous and youthful.” I guess we’ll have to wait and see but in the meantime, I use it before bedtime so my lips are smooth and hydrated until morning.

9. GreenAir Kid’s Lulu Creature Comforts Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier
Over the past year or so I’ve been cultivating my passion for essential oils. I’ve got quite the collection going, have tried a number of different diffusers and currently have two active diffusers in my home. We have friends who have diffused lavender in their kids’ bedrooms to help their little ones sleep and swear by it. I’ve also read a ton of positive reviews by parents who use essential oils for their kids (and themselves) for a variety of reasons. We were pretty stoked to see so many EO brands and diffusers at ISPA this year but our favorite was the GreenAir Kid’s Lulu Creature Comforts Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier and humidifier in the shape of cute little animals.

ISPA2015-greenairThe simple device just uses tap or bottled water to diffuse essential oils in a cool and aromatic mist. Currently GreenAir only has the duckling available on Amazon, but we saw other animal prototypes at the booth that were equally adorable and should be on the market early next year.

10. EuroSpa Aromatics Eucalyptus Oil
We love a good Eucalyptus steam, and are so disappointed when spas don’t do this right because it’s such a basic thing to have in the spa. We’re hoping that more spas found EuroSpa Aromatics at the show like we did. A steam room without Eucalyptus is like a bath without soap: sure, you can sit in the water but it won’t be as effective or nice without soap.  Eucalyptus is more than just a pleasant fragrance — it has long been used for therapeutic reasons. Eucalyptus oil is a known anti-fungal, anti-mildew and anti-mold agent so when spas use the pure version in their steam room, they are also keeping it clean as well as providing therapeutic benefits to spa-goers.

ISPA2015-eurospaaromaticsEuroSpa Aromatics has been in the business of turning regular old steam rooms into luxurious Eucalyptus oil infused steam rooms for over 30 years. They’ve made their own commercially-sized diffuser for steam rooms and their own EO. Their Eucalyptus oil significantly exceeds the pharmaceutical standard and unlike Eucalyptus oils common in the spa industry, EuroSpa’s blends do not contain any industrial solvents, isopropyl alcohol, or water.  You don’t have to be at the spa to enjoy EuroSpa’s Eucalyptus oil — you can purchase their shower mist/home steam room spray on Amazon and inhale all the benefits of Eucalyptus at home in your own shower. I really enjoyed the sample I got so I’ll be switching my shower spray out for EuroSpa’s.

Once again, a big thanks to ISPA for allowing us to attend this year’s conference and expo. You all did an amazing job and it was truly a great show. We’re really looking forward to seeing everyone and discovering new things next year!


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