Spas to Enjoy on Valentine’s Day 2017

(Editor’s Note: We originally posted this last year. Now updated for 2017 specials and spas!) Ahhh, Valentine’s Day. There’s nothing like a commercial holiday to put totally unnecessary and undue pressure on a relationship. Good news is, we can reclaim these so-called holidays, and craft them to be special in our own ways. My way is to go to the spa. I go to the spa anyway, but it’s a good excuse for me to bring my honey with me, as there are usually some very nice Valentine’s Day specials offered at my favorite spas.

We’ve put together some tips and info in case you were thinking about a mid-February escape to the spa, whether you’re together or solo.

Together Treatments & Specials

While the couples’ massage is a classic “romantic” treatment, it’s not terribly exciting or interesting.  Great spas know this, and have created a variety of treatments you can do as a couple (any time of the year) that involve more than side-by-side massages. Three of our favorites at Spa Manners include:

  • The Maui Romance Couples Package at Spa Montage, Kapalua: Oh, what a privilege it is to spa with your honey at one of the finest spas in the best place on earth! This delicious-sounding “tub and a rub” treatment  includes a 30-minute coconut milk couple’s bath in a stone-carved outdoor tub and 60- or 90-minute customized side-by-side massages in a breathtaking private, outdoor treatment room. A delicious tropical fruit platter and beverages complete this romantic spa escape. (90 or 180 minutes, $510 or $640) Read our review of the Spa Montage Kapalua to see how much we loved this place.

  • The Qua Baths and Spa at Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas has a whole section in their spa menu devoted to couples treatments. With eight treatments to choose from, there’s bound to be something for you and your honey to enjoy together. Experience the hippy-sounding Twin Souls treatment in a private spa suite where couples get a scrub and a rub (body treatment and massage) and finish with breath work and the use of the “goddess of Willendorf” who brings fertility and abundance into your relationship. (80 minutes, $540 on weekdays/$550 weekends) Read our review of the Qua Baths and Spa to see how much we liked this spa.

    Mii Amo Spa

    Photo courtesy Mii Amo Spa.


  • Mii Amo Spa at Enchantment Resort in Sedona, Arizona has a spa suite for couples where two people can choose from 10 of their unique treatments to experience side-by-side. You both have to get the same treatment but with ten massages, wraps, and specialty treatments (like Reiki and Reflexology) to choose from, hopefully there will be something you both can agree on and enjoy together.

A quick search online shows a few spas who are offering couples-based Valentine’s Day specials for February 2017.

    Lapis Spa, Fontainebleau

    Photo courtesy Fontainebleau Hotel.


  • The Be My Valentine Package at Lapis Spa, Fontainbleau Miami: “Relish the benefits of tranquility and complete privacy in our bleau private spa suite. The spa suite is perfect for sharing indulgent relaxation time with a friend or loved one, consisting of two treatment beds, a jetted tub, private bathroom and shower—all amidst views of the Atlantic Ocean. Includes choice of Aroma Relax or Aroma Detox therapy, customized to your body’s specific needs by your therapist. Your one of a kind couples experience includes extra time for shared pampering in the suite, refreshments and the services of a bath butler. (110 minutes, $529 for two, a savings of $85)

  • Costa del Sur Spa in Las Vegas is offering a $40 discount on their Couples Package for the month of February, $490 regularly $530. It might be their Chardonnay Infused Retreat, 110 minutes of a together tub, scrub and rub with botanicals and wine-infused body butter.

  • The Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa in Whitefield, New Hampshire has a really unique Valentine’s Day planned for couples: Table For 2: Be My Valentine, Massage Class, Massage, Glass Of Wine. Start your visit with a glass of wine relaxing in the lounge before your intimate session. Then, the fun begins as one of their certified massage therapists help you and your partner learn how to give and receive a tension relieving massage that emphasize feet, neck and head. After a 30 minute light, fun-filled class, receive a 50 minute Swedish massage in the same room for a romantic setting for 2. (80 minutes, $120 per person)

  • The spa at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, California has chocolates and champagne on Valentine’s Day in addition to two special treatments that couples can enjoy together. Targeted for dehydrated skin, the Sweetheart Macadamia Medley (90 minutes, $150/Deep Tissue, $180) combines a 30-minute body scrub and 60-minute hydrating massage. The Madonna Kiss treatment is a 45-minute back, neck, and foot massage and foot polish. It includes aromatherapy, hot towels, and all spa amenities. (45 minutes, $95/Deep Tissue, $105)
Loving Yourself Treatments & Celebrating Singlehood Specials 2017

Don’t let being single on Valentine’s Day get you down because it’s just a made-up commercial holiday anyway. Celebrate singlehood and treat yourself with a self-loving treatment — there are so many amazing options! And a hint for partners of spa-goers: gift certificates make great Valentine’s Day pressies so your loved one can get the fabulous spa treatment of their choice. Some Valentine’s Day specials for solo spa-goers celebrating single status include:

    Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa

    Photo courtesy Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa


  • The Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa in Whitefield, New Hampshire has the yummy Sugar & Spice Manicure & Pedicure, With Chocolate Covered Strawberries On The Side treatment for the month of February. (90 minutes, $125 per person)

  • The spa at the Madonna Inn has a Raspberry Tart treatment that includes a 30-minute Raspberry Body Scrub, 1-hour Shea Butter Body Massage, warm towels, a Honey Glaze hand and foot massage. (90 minutes, $150/Deep Tissue, $180)

  • The Catamaran Spa at the Catamaran Resort Hotel & Spa in San Diego, California is discounting a few of their tropical treatments in February. I’d have to choose the Tropical Catamaran Ritual: A head-to-toe coconut milk and honey body scrub and invigorating Swiss shower prepare the skin for a moisturizing wrap. Then, step into a private coconut milk bath to soak away stress and finish with a coconut milk and honey massage. (140-minutes, $270/regularly $290)
Pro Tips  and Etiquette for Visiting the Spa on Valentine’s Day

Some of these tips are applicable to visiting the spa on holidays in general because on feast days or major holidays, lots of food and booze are involved. You can read them all in our Thanksgiving at the Spa post but here are some, and more, that apply to Valentine’s Day.

  1. Don’t eat a big meal before getting on the massage table. Eating heavy before a massage makes for a very uncomfortable experience. You will be laying down, and laying down on your stomach. It’s best to schedule your massage before your romantic dinner, or at least two hours after a big meal. And really, do you want to be burping while someone is working on you?

  3. Best not to drink alcohol around a massage. I once had a really bad night in Las Vegas after a deep-tissue massage and a few drinks afterwards over the course of the evening. Oh the pain… I was hung over even before the morning hit me in the face. I didn’t know it at the time, but a massage actually increases the effects of alcohol (because massage releases toxins from your muscles) — think drunk again, or drunk on the table. Nobody wants that, especially the spa or your therapist. Alcohol increases the toxic load on the liver when combined with a massage, and is also dehydrating — not at all good for the body. I realize that many spas offer bubbly on Valentine’s Day, but boozing around a massage is simply not the greatest idea. Some therapists and practitioners advise not drinking alcohol at all within 24 hours of a massage.

  5. Hit the restrooms before a treatment. All this drinking (water) makes for a full bladder and higher chance that you will need to go mid-treatment. Make sure you go to the bathroom before your appointment to avoid any awkward moments and disrupting your Zen, especially if you are with your sweetie.

  7. Tip well. If your spa practitioners have done a good job, give thanks to them for working hard to heal you on a special day when they could be with their honey by tipping more than you normally would. This goes for any major holiday, by the way. They are being generous with their time on the holiday, and you should respond in kind.

  9. Be appropriate. When you visit the spa with others it’s really easy to just fall into hangout and chill mode with your pals. But it’s the spa, not your backyard or inside your home, so please be considerate of other spa-goers and your therapist(s). If you’re a couple, please just be appropriate around everyone and not get too intimate in the coed spaces. I once went to a spa where there was a couple getting a little too cozy with each other in the lounge. I guess it was tempting since they were naked underneath their robes, but come on!

    If you’re with a friend, try to keep your spa voices going or consider just shutting the hell up for a day to unwind and decompress.

    If you’re by yourself, it’s great to love yourself by taking good care of your health and wellbeing, but for god’s sake don’t take care of yourself  (you know what I’m talking about) at the spa.  Recently I visited a local spa where a woman was completely buck nekkid in the sauna (totally fine) but as she laid down hogging an entire bench for herself (not cool), she continuously rubbed herself all over her body (not cool at all). I’ve also heard stories from my massage therapist friends about completely inappropriate behaviour by spa-goers on the table. Seriously folks, know and respect the bounds of propriety at the spa.

Enough of the bummer talk, get thee to the spa and enjoy all the wonderful treatments and services your spa has to offer this Valentine’s Day!


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