Thanksgiving at the Spa

Let’s give thanks for being able to spa! What a privilege to be able to heal, relax and find solace in these places of Zen.

If you are going on a Thanksgiving weekend getaway or doing a staycation and want to find a little quiet time, we found some places that will let you indulge and have some pro tips for your feast day spa visit.

Your best bet for Thanksgiving spa time is at a hotel spa, as they are usually open every day of the year. A few places go one step further and have Thanksgiving Day or weekend spa specials, as opposed to just hotel packages for the weekend, or Thanksgiving dinners at their restaurants.

Feast your eyes (and your senses) on these Thanksgiving 2014 spa specials around the United States:

Golden Haven Hot Springs Spa and Resort in Napa Valley, California has Thanksgiving weekend specials that will warm you up and help you unwind. On Thanksgiving Day (November 28), purchase a couple’s mud bath, hot mineral Jacuzzi, and blanket wrap for $64 a person, a savings of $25 off regular rate of $89 per person.  Add a half-hour massage at a special couples package rate of $119 per person or an hour massage at a special couples rate of $149 per person.  To book, call 707-942-8000 and mention code TDS to get the special rates.

Vail Cascade hotel in Colorado has Thanksgiving vacation packages for the whole family, and is offering 40% off massages, facials and body treatments, and 20% off nail services at their Aria Athletic Club & SpaCall 970-479-5942 to make a spa appointment at Aria in Vail.

Aquaterra Spa at the Surf and Sand Resort in Laguna Beach, California wants to help you stay active and rejuvenate your body over the Thanksgiving weekend with savings on a few different treatments. Keep moving with their free group fitness programs like Yoga on the Beach, the family-friendly Beach Scavenger Hunt, and the rigorous Beach Boot Camp. On Thanksgiving Day they are offering a 50-minute Organic Aquaterra Massage for only $130 and complimentary enhancement ($10-$15 savings). Over the weekend, they have their seasonal 50-minute Spiced Cider Pumpkin Pedicure for $50 (a $10 savings) on Saturday, and the 80-minute Ginger Renewal Body Treatment for only $180 ($20 savings). To book your spa appointments, call Aquaterra at 949-376-2772.

The Sonoran Spa at Westward Look Wyndham Grand Resort & Spa in Tucson, Arizona has a few fun (and yummy!) treatments specifically for Thanksgiving this year.

  • S’more Indulgent Body Scrub: Indulge in a Gingerbread Scrub and warm Chocolate Soufflé Body Mask, finished with a delectable Marshmallow Butter Melt to soften, soothe and smooth skin. The 90-minute treatment includes a full body chocolate massage.
  • Hot Butter Rum Body Scrub: Immerse yourself in a Butter Rum scrub and warm Chocolate Body Soufflé Mask. The whole experience is completed with a sumptuous Marshmallow Butter Melt. Plus, the 90-minute treatment includes a personalized massage.
  • Hot Chocolate Massage: A seasonal take on the traditional stone massage, this treatment includes soothing chocolate oil with heated basalt stones to relax and rejuvenate.

For reservations call the Sonoran Spa at 520-297-1151 or book online at Westward Look.

The Wild Dunes Resort in Charleston, South Carolina has a “Turkey Day” getaway package for the family, and their Sand & Sea Salon spa has two special Thanksgiving treatments for a little getaway time of your own: the Warm Spiced Cider Massage and Spiked Pecan Pie Pedicure sound like the perfect little escape during the weekend. To book their special Turkey Day treatments, call the spa at 843-886-2555.

Spa Manners Tips for Enjoying Treatments on Thanksgiving (or any major holiday):

While I am looking to book my own spa appointments for this year’s Thanksgiving Day, I haven’t yet been to a spa on a major feast day. Here are the precautions I will be taking, and some things that you may want to consider for yourself if you will be spa-going on a holiday:

  1. Don’t eat a big meal before getting on the massage table. Eating heavy before a massage makes for a very uncomfortable experience. You will be laying down, and laying down on your stomach. It’s best to schedule your massage before your turkey dinner and dessert, and at least two hours after a big Thanksgiving brunch. And really, do you want to be burping while someone is working on you?
  2. Best not to drink alcohol around a massage. I once had a really bad night in Las Vegas after a deep-tissue massage and a few drinks afterwards over the course of the evening. Oh the pain… I was hung over even before the morning hit me in the face. I didn’t know it at the time, but a massage actually increases the effects of alcohol (because massage releases toxins from your muscles) — think drunk again, or drunk on the table. Nobody wants that, especially the spa or your therapist. Alcohol increases the toxic load on the liver when combined with a massage, and is also dehydrating — not at all good for the body. Boozing after a massage goes against what every good massage therapist will tell you: drink lots of water to help move toxins out of the body. Some therapists and practitioners advise not drinking alcohol at all within 24 hours of a massage.
  3. Hit the restrooms before a treatment. All this drinking (water) makes for a full bladder and higher chance that you will need to go mid-treatment. Make sure you go to the bathroom before your appointment to avoid any awkward moments and disrupting your Zen.
  4. Tip well. If your spa practitioners have done a good job, give thanks to them for working hard to heal you on Thanksgiving Day by tipping more than you normally would. This goes for any major holiday, by the way. They are being generous with their time on the holiday, and you should respond in kind.

Happy (American) Thanksgiving, everyone! Hope you all find a little Zen and gratitude on the day of thanks.


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