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  • Facilities 49
  • Treatments 67
  • Therapist(s) 85
  • Service 90
  • Products 90
77 Stark Comfort
SLS must have a spa to say they have a spa, but there really isn’t much to it, not even a sauna. Their menu is limited to a few treatments in each category and there is nothing “signature” about them. Simple, standard treatments but nothing exceptional.

The Ciel Spa is the small spa located inside the brand new SLS Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Opened in August 2014, the hotel was formerly the Sahara Hotel & Casino and took over a year to renovate and refurbish. The SLS Las Vegas is fairly small compared to other Las Vegas hotels, and their spa is tiny compared to other hotel spas on the strip. Ciel was designed by Philippe Starck in collaboration with Gensler & SLS Hotels, and the design is modern minimalist. After an awkward encounter with the elevator security guard who required a room key to get upstairs to the spa, I finally made it upstairs in good time to unwind and explore the spa before my treatment.


When I went in for my treatment, I pretty much had the place to myself — there were literally no other spa-goers there. I suppose this was a good thing, since if it was busy, it would have gotten cramped in there rather quickly.

The spa is very small and doesn’t have much in terms of facilities. Nothing to explore — no dry sauna or hot tub, just a decent-sized steam shower. There are no quiet rooms per se. The lounge has curtained-off areas with two chairs in each space, making it private. However, you can still hear everything around you and there is no indication that these areas are supposed to be quiet. There isn’t much else in these rooms — no blankets, no reading materials, no way to dim the lights. Toiletry amenities are sparse, and oddly placed. If you don’t see something you need, you’re supposed to ask for it. So I asked for a brush and some hair ties, and the attendant gave me a brush with hair in it. There is very little food available, and what they had I couldn’t eat. There were a few fruits and pastries available on a little cart. If you want the fancy tea that is on display you have to ask someone to make it for you.

Massage & Body Treatments

Both Spa Guru and I got the “Soft Like Silk” treatment (by different therapists) which includes a Hydrating Body Wrap, Scalp Massage and Full Body Massage. This is what is advertised on the spa website and brochure, but this is not really what I got. I got a sugar scrub, followed by a wrap, foot massage and scalp massage. Some massage was included with the shea butter lotion application but it wasn’t really a traditional complete full-body massage.

The treatment worked for me, although I wasn’t expecting a scrub. My skin is soft and polished and smells nice, so I guess in that sense it was a successful treatment. I liked the massage parts of the treatment best, as well as the treatment bed. It’s one of those adjustable beds that enables the therapist to adjust the angle of your knees and back incline, and it was adjusted during my treatment to have me partially inclined with my knees bent.

Although really nice products by Zents were used throughout, I thought the scrub was a little weak, and the weakest part of the treatment for sure. The wrap was OK, nothing special. I think that sums up this entire treatment actually: there was nothing special about it, or anything outstanding.


Everyone at Ciel has been trained really well in customer service. From booking to the front desk to spa attendants, each staff member was friendly, helpful and eager to please. They also knew what they were doing and were efficient with everything.

The therapist I had also had a friendly, gentle demeanor and seemed like he had a lot of knowledge and experience. He could have given me the treatment that was advertised though, but I won’t put that entirely on him — that is a miscommunication somewhere down the line within the spa.

Bottom Line

I think that the SLS has a spa to say they have a spa, but there really isn’t much to it, not even a sauna. Their menu is very limited to a few treatments in each category and there is nothing “signature” about them. They are all pretty standard treatments, which I suppose is good if you are just looking for something simple during your stay at the SLS.

  • Relaxation lounge
  • Couples massage suite
  • Steam room
  • Oversized experience showers
  • Custom massage beds

$$$$ = Pricey


Ciel is located in the Lux Tower, 2nd Floor, inside the SLS Hotel Las Vegas.
2535 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109

There is also a Ciel Spa inside the SLS Hotel Beverly Hills:
465 S. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048


Spa Hours are 8:00AM – 8:00PM daily
Service Hours are 9:00AM – 8:00PM daily


Email the spa at or call (855) 761-7757 to book an appointment.


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This spa-loving mystery woman has been going to the spa for 10+ years, and has had therapeutic treatments like massages for over 20 years. Her ideal spa day would include stretchy time in the sauna, a sugar scrub, followed by 2-hour massage and ending with some meditative time by the ocean.

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