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  • Facilities 40
  • Treatments 36
  • Therapist(s) 35
  • Service 45
  • Products Used 30
38 Not Good
Although this spa’s focus is to make people feel good mentally, physically and spiritually, none of their treatments from their extremely limited menu made me feel good and didn't work very well at all.

Milagro Midwestern Spa & Collective believes that a spa’s true focus is to make people feel good mentally, physically and spiritually. The team of “friendly and honest people” at Milagro, who “live to make people feel good,” have created a space that offers “simple services using simple natural ingredients.”

Located in Overland Park, Kansas — about 11 miles from the heart of Kansas City — the small spa has a retro industrial chic vibe, which essentially means “hipster” in today’s vernacular. When you first enter the space, you’re welcomed by their herb bar (or “Maker Counter”) and retail section where you can put together your own bottles and jars of fresh ingredients (some organic), for DIY skincare and presumably to make you feel good.

Milagro has some great branding and pretty marketing materials, but there is not enough information on their website or even on their service menu to make an informed decision about what treatments are right for you before you book or arrive at the spa. There seems to be nothing special about what they offer, and exactly what they do offer is all a mystery until you get onto the table and you’re in the middle of your treatment.

The reasoning behind this, as explained online, is that what they offer is a unique and customized experience “just for you based on exactly what you need on the day of your visit.” They state that their “exceptional spa team relies on their education, their experience, and their face-to-face conversation with you to determine how to meet your specific needs.” They have no pre-written massages or facial protocols as this seems too strict to be flexible. This is great in theory, but the practicality makes for a very loose and disorganized experience with people’s skin and bodies.


This space make might make for a very cool hipster restaurant, but the exposed brick walls and visible pipes in the ceiling don’t make for a very warm, serene ambiance in a spa. The best part about this spa was their herb bar and counter, where I’d definitely go back to make my own natural remedies. But while this was a great touch and interesting experience for a day spa, the actual spa facilities were seriously lacking. There is a steam shower but no dry sauna or whirlpool bath. The small lounge is co-ed and not a quiet room, and the separate male-female locker areas are tiny. Wet treatments don’t use a Vichy shower, so you have to get up off the table during a relaxing treatment to rinse yourself off in a shower area.

Body Treatment

I got “Body Wrap” treatment, which is described in their menu as “Dry brushing, your choice body mask, heated wrap, herbal steam towels, shower, body oil.” You could say that the dry brushing portion was sufficient. I had some issues with this treatment on the whole since first, the heated wrap was not very hot. Perhaps with some wraps this wouldn’t be an issue, but they added a yogurt blend to the algae clay mask, and since the wrap wasn’t very warm, the yogurt kept the entire mask cool, even when underneath the blankets. Yogurt was not in the treatment description. When I asked about it, I was told it was to maintain texture and make the clay sticky.

Secondly, the herbal steam towels did not have any herbs. And they have an entire herb bar up front! Some day spas like Burke Williams have wet face towels infused with essential oils like geranium and lavender as an everyday thing, so why didn’t this spa, which boasts an entire counter full of natural therapeutic ingredients add herbs to their herbal steam towel offering?

After the cold wrap, I was then told to get up off the table and go into the other room to rinse off. After I was back on the table, almond oil was rubbed onto my skin. I was then told to get up from the table again because basically, the treatment was over. I was a little confused because I had booked a massage immediately following the body wrap treatment, and it was my understanding that it would all be done in one room, by the same therapist, in succession.

When I asked the therapist what happened to the massage I booked, I was then told I would have to go into another room for the massage and that I would have a different therapist because she was not qualified to give me a massage. This process was very disruptive and not relaxing at all.


My massage in the other room started off poorly. The therapist started the session with cold hands. She wanted to start on my neck using more almond oil, which I was concerned with. So I asked her not to massage my neck. When her cold hands started to rub my shoulders, I jumped and told the therapist that her hands were cold. She then told me that she usually warms up her hands by starting at the client’s neck. No thank you! Once the massage was underway, the therapist had good strokes but used an odorless shea butter. When I suggested that it would be nice if they added some aromatherapy to the treatments, especially since they have an herb bar up front, the therapist asked me what herbs could we use. Seems a bit crazy for a qualified massage therapist to ask what herbs or oils should be used in an aromatherapy massage.


I booked the “Body Wrap” treatment and a massage one day when I walked into Milagro. The folks at the front herb bar (“Maker Counter”) seemed extremely knowledgeable about all the fresh ingredients they offered. The spa receptionists were friendly, helpful and accommodating but they didn’t give me enough information about the treatments or the process beforehand, and they specifically failed to mention that I would be switching rooms and therapists when going from one treatment to another.

The service during my treatments wasn’t great. They may have had all the necessary qualifications to be spa technicians and massage therapists, but they seemed to not know how to communicate properly with their clients or be aware of finer details like using warm hands during a massage. These are basics for good massage therapists. Unfortunately, the massage therapists who have been there for over 10 years appear to be stagnating and overly confident. They need to be more concerned about how clients are reacting to the treatments and whether or not they are having a relaxing experience.

Bottom Line

The front herb bar and retail store are inviting. The space is unique, but it’s too industrial and not warm or serene enough for a day spa. The spa emphasizes that it can be a haven for recurring facial treatments such as facial mask and a detox treatment. But there is a total lack of treatment options — there are only three body treatments and one facial, and there’s nothing special about any of them. I recommend they add more treatments to their menu and focus on customer service during the treatments. They should also make better use of their herb bar in their treatments. I would only go back if their treatment options improve and they get new therapists. Very disappointed in Milagro.

Spa Amenities
  • Steam Showers
  • Coed Lounge
Price Range

$$$$ – Pricey


8006 Foster Street
Overland Park, KS 66204

Hours of Operation

Monday 10-7
Tuesday closed
Wednesday 10-7
Thursday 10-7
Friday 10-6
Saturday 9-6
Sunday 12-6

How to Book an Appointment

Call Milagro Midwestern Spa and Collective at (913) 338-0620 or book online.


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