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  • Facilities 76
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90 Best of Vegas
The Qua Baths and Spa is one of the better spas to visit while in Las Vegas. The therapists are excellent and the sprawling facilities make it worth a spa day or weekend getaway. Certainly if you are staying at Caesars Palace or the Nobu Hotel, make sure you book some appointments at the Qua Baths for some quiet time.

Caesars Palace is very Las Vegas. If you haven’t been to Caesars or Vegas, then let me describe it like this: the property is gargantuan, their lavish suites have been featured in movies, the pools are majestic, the massive casino is smoky and loud, the shopping and entertainment are world-class, the dining is epicurean and the nightlife is exactly what you’d think going out in Vegas is all about — and all wrapped up inside a tacky ancient Roman theme. The only departure from this is the Nobu tower — a hotel within the hotel — which is pretty much the exact opposite of Caesars. If you stay in the Japanese minimalist Nobu wing, you’re still a Caesars guest, and can even enjoy Nobu-themed spa treatments at the Qua Baths and Spa.

Caesars’ 50,000 sq.ft Qua Baths and Spa is located in the Augustus Tower of the hotel. Its name comes from the Latin aqua, meaning water, and the Qua Baths is centered around, you guessed it, water and bathing. In ancient Roman times water was regarded as healing, holy, and the main source of life and wellness.

The spa is a tranquil and serene haven from all the Vegas chaos just outside its doors. The decor is a calming earthy color palette, and there are natural stone walls throughout. The lighting is at a dim and soothing level, and sounds of water follow you through your spa experience.


Inside the Qua Baths, there are 51 treatment studios including three deluxe couples studios, two personalized hydrotherapy tubs, wet rooms equipped with Vichy showers, seven facial studios, 35 massage studios, a Laconium Room (a sauna) and Crystal Body Art Room, whose benefits I couldn’t really figure out.

The three Roman baths are basically three differently-sized and temperature tubs. The largest of the pools, the Tepidarium, has warm mineral-enriched waters to help restore natural elements of your body’s skin. You can then alternate between two smaller pools, the Caldarium and the Frigidarium. The hot waters of the Caldarium ease daily tension and soothe tired muscles, while a quick plunge into the cold waters of the Frigidarium invigorates your body.

You can also experience snow falling from the ceiling in the Arctic Ice Room, apparently the only one of its kind in the world. It’s a bit gimmicky but if you use it right (say, during a hot-cold sauna rotation) it does have some benefits for your health.

There is also a tea room, where a specially trained “tea sommelier” is supposed to suggest a tea that complements your spa treatments. I didn’t see a tea expert but their collection of teas was pretty decent.

If you book a spa treatment, you get free access to all the facilities. If you just want to access the Roman Baths, Laconium Room, Arctic Ice Room and Tea Lounge, you can buy a “passport” (price varies depending on the day and whether or not you are a hotel guest) for daily access.


After going to Hawaii and experiencing Lomilomi in a few different variations, I wanted to see how this mainland version stacked up. I booked the 80-minute Hawaiian Lomilomi. Qua Baths describes their treatment as a “rich, authentic experience of the spirit of Hawaiian Healing. It is based on Hawaiian concepts of working with the body, mind and spirit. It is hands on healing that is deep and powerful, yet gentle, giving immediate and long-term results. Lomilomi symbolically means to communicate energetically deep within the bones of the individual.”

Qua Baths states that each Las Vegas massage therapist at Caesars Palace who performs the Lomi Lomi has been fully trained by Dr. Maka’ala Yates, a renowned Hawaiian medicine specialist and co-founder of Indigenous Botanicals and Mana Lomi®. I casually mentioned this to the massage therapist and she confirmed she had been trained by Dr. Yates. “He’s wonderful,” she said.

I don’t think my massage was as spiritually deep as the description advertised but it was an excellent massage, and definitely one of the best I’ve received in Vegas. It was therapeutic as well as relaxing, though I think the relaxing part was stronger than the therapeutic.  The therapist was highly skilled and had a soothing, gentle energy.  She was also very strong. And like the therapist I had at the Aria, she was also intuitive enough to use her strength where it was needed, and toned it down when it was not.

The Lomilomi seemed pretty traditional, and similar to what I received in Hawaii. The strokes were long and continuous, and the energy was very nurturing. It was the complete opposite of the efficient, brusque, emotionless massage I received at the Bathhouse. But unlike super authentic traditional Lomi, there was no blessing or prayer in Hawaiian, or humming to release blockages. That was fine with me, as I was in Vegas and not in Maui, so I wasn’t expecting an authentic Hawaiian experience.

I mentioned that I was getting headaches and had a lot of tension in my head and neck, so she weaved a very thorough scalp and neck massage into the 80 minutes. It was so good I think I fell asleep, which is a very rare thing for me. Most therapists aren’t that great with scalp massages, or don’t do them long enough for me to relax into sleepiness.

I really enjoyed this treatment I got at the Qua Baths and it worked for me in ways I didn’t anticipate. I was thoroughly relaxed and unwound afterwards. The therapist was excellent, amazing even. I think if I were to go back I would request that same therapist but try another treatment that I haven’t had before.


Service at the front desk was a tad on the frantic side as there were only two people to serve incoming and outgoing spagoers, as well as retail sales. Otherwise, the spa’s front of house people were friendly, efficient and tried to make things right when things didn’t go quite as you’d expect.

Service from my therapist was top notch. She had a great energy, listened to my requests, and incorporated them into the treatment as she should have.

Bottom Line

The Qua Baths and Spa is one of the better spas to visit while in Las Vegas. The therapists are excellent and the sprawling facilities make it worth a spa day or weekend getaway. Certainly if you are staying at Caesars Palace or the Nobu Hotel, make sure you book some appointments at the Qua Baths for some quiet time.

  • Cedar Wood Sauna
  • Herbal Steam Room
  • 3 Roman Tubs
  • Arctic Ice Room
  • Crystal Body Art Room
  • Hair Salon
  • Fitness Center

$$$$ = Pricey


The Qua Baths and Spa is located in the Augustus Tower of the Caesars Palace Hotel in Las Vegas, on the famed Las Vegas Strip.

3570 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV, 89109


The spa is open from 6am to 8pm daily.


For appointments call 866.782.0655.


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