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The Spa at the Mandarin Oriental is a five-diamond luxury experience. Everything from start to finish is well thought out, making the splurge totally worth it when you can afford it.

I thought it would take me a very long time to be privileged enough to visit the Spa at the Mandarin Oriental. Everything about it, from the gracious service to the luxurious facilities, made it one of the top places on my bucket list of spas to visit. The sumptuousness of this spa (and the corresponding price tags) seemed a bit out of reach for me.

But the universe provided me with abundance and opportunity, so when I found myself in Las Vegas with some extra time for a spa visit, the Mandarin Oriental was the first spa I looked into for some quality Vegas downtime. I could hardly contain my excitement.

“Stunningly designed and beautifully appointed, Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas brings modern style and unbeatable service to the Strip. Focusing on healing therapies for the mind, body and soul, our spacious spa offers a variety of pampering treatments.”

The Mandarin Oriental uses the words healing and pampering in one sentence to describe their spa, and from what I experienced, I will agree with them. The expertly-delivered treatments are definitely rooted in therapeutic healing, and the gentle, attentive service is by far the most pampering of any spa service I have experienced to-date.


For this review, I am going to start with service first since the words that immediately come to mind when thinking about the Mandarin Oriental are (somewhat unfortunately) “gracious service of the Orient.” (This little phrase found its way into Western consciousness back in the ‘60s by the Asian airline CAT Mandarin Jet — their posters always had a demure-looking Chinese stewardess to reinforce the tagline. The mother of an old friend of mine claimed to be a model for the posters.)

Although the words “Orient” and “Oriental” make me twitch, gracious service of the Orient is actually quite fitting for this spa. The Mandarin Oriental is a well-oiled machine, and everything they did was perfect. Perfect! I requested a treatment online one evening, and even before I woke up the next day a representative had already emailed me to confirm the appointment I requested.

Finding the spa in the hotel is kind of an experience in itself, but everyone I came into contact with was more than happy to stop what they were doing to help me find my way. I was greeted at the door to the spa, and led into a beautiful check-in area where I was encouraged to sit, so that my shoes could be taken and swapped for indoor sandals, per the Asian tradition of leaving your shoes at the door.  An attendant appeared, knelt down, removed my shoes, and then placed sandals on my feet. I was then served hot tea to help me relax while waiting for someone else to guide me into the spa.

I barely got through my small cup before another attendant appeared to accompany me down into the spa. A quiet and demure attendant led me through the women’s side of the spa, and she assured me that they could get anything I needed to make my visit more comfortable or pleasant. The spa was pretty quiet that morning, but there was always an attendant quietly working in the background to help me with whatever and they are literally right there to clean up after you.


Because they are always around to clean up after you, the luxe facilities at the Mandarin Oriental are spotless. Nothing is out of place for very long, and you can relax knowing that wherever you go inside the spa, it will be fresh and clean.

The spa was designed to evoke the luxury of 1930s Shanghai. This is evident in the finer details of the Asian decor, but on the whole it is thoroughly modern luxury, with a dash of Vegas thrown in for good measure. Wherever you choose to lounge inside the spa, you have a view of the other side of the City Center and the Vegas skyline, since the spa spans two floors high above the strip.

Of course the Mandarin Oriental has a Jacuzzi (they call it a “Vitality Pool”), sauna and steam room but they are likely the nicest versions you’ll see anywhere, let alone in Vegas. The Vitality Pool is heated to 104°F and has stone loungers built into it.  Try the Experience Showers (I opted for a tropical rain shower, which was indeed very much like standing in a rainstorm in Southeast Asia), or take a seat on one of the heated Tepidarium Chairs. They aren’t the most comfortable chairs in the world, but it’s nice to be on heated stone from head to feet to get a taste of the “thermal experience.”

The Laconium Room is a type of sauna with bench-style seating and is heated to 140-degrees F. It’s a cooler and less intense experience than a traditional Finnish-style sauna which can be as hot as 170-degrees. For some people, the Laconium is more relaxing than a traditional dry sauna, as your body slowly and gently heats up, in a room with very little humidity.

The Rhassoul mud room is located inside the women’s side of the sauna, but you have to book a Rhassoul Experience to use it. There’s also a co-ed Hammam available, and like the Rhassoul you must book it to use it. It’s also available to reserve for a group of people to use together privately, but it’s still at least $100 per person for 45 minutes.

The treatment room that I had was beautiful. Elegantly and tastefully decorated, it was a picture of Eastern serenity. The lighting was very dim, which is a really nice contrast against the bright lights and chaos of Vegas.

The Spa at the Mandarin Oriental is beautifully elegant and serene. All areas are spacious and totally aimed at providing a comforting, relaxing experience.


I received the Oriental Essence 90-minute massage. This massage is part of Mandarin Oriental’s signature spa therapies and has been designed to specifically relieve neck and shoulder tension. The massage concentrates on easing stress, realigning the mind, soothing emotions and relaxing the body. Utilizing their signature Quintessence oil blended with warming ginger, uplifting mandarin and sacred frankincense, this calming treatment allows mind and body to completely unwind. I liked the warm, gingery smell of the Quintessence oil, and this high-quality stuff seemed to take the whole experience up a notch.

This was a fantastic massage and it totally worked in relieving muscle stiffness and in overall relaxation. The massage therapist was very skilled and had a great, calming energy. He was intuitive and kind, and (seemingly) instinctively knew what areas needed more work and what areas needed a more gentle approach.  He and I discussed energy and the Eastern philosophies and how it related to what was going on in my body. After 90 minutes, I was calm, content and my neck and shoulders definitely felt much better than when I went in.

Bottom Line

This was a 5-diamond luxury experience. Everything from start to finish is well thought out — from the moment you walk in, through to the spa facilities, onwards to the treatments themselves, then to when you check out — the designers of the Mandarin Oriental spa experience have clearly put great thought and intention into every aspect, making the high price tag worth it. Like all other great luxury spas, going to the Mandarin Oriental is a nice splurge when you can afford to visit. If you’re on a budget, tell your friends and family that SpaFinder gift certificates make a great birthday presents and then book your appointment ASAP. And if you find yourself in need of some down time in Las Vegas, this is definitely one of the nicest (if not the best) spas in Sin City, with exceptional healing treatments to boot.

  • Laconium (Sauna)
  • Steam Room
  • Vitality Pool (Jacuzzi)
  • Experience Showers
  • Mud Room
  • Hammam
  • Ice Fountain
  • 17 Treatment Rooms
  • 7 Couples Suites outfitted with steam showers, dual tables, vanity areas, and deep-soaking tubs for two
  • Fitness Center

$$$$$ = Luxury


The Spa at the Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas is located at:

3752 Las Vegas Boulevard S.
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Currently there are 27 Mandarin Oriental hotels operating worldwide with 17 more in development.


Sunday through Thursday: 10am – 8pm
Friday and Saturday: 9am – 9pm


I requested a treatment online and within hours a spa representative emailed me with appointment times. You can also call the spa at (702) 590-8886 to book an appointment.


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