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  • Facilities 50
  • Treatments 80
  • Therapist(s) 80
  • Service 80
73 Great RR&R
Although the spa is small and there are virtually no amenities, it is worth visiting if you are staying at the Hotel Vitale because the professional therapists and unique treatments make up for the lack of facilities.

The Spa Vitale is located at the top of the Hotel Vitale on the penthouse level, in the Embarcadero district of San Francisco. It’s a small and intimate space, with only three treatment rooms and two outdoor soaking tubs.

Spa Vitale acknowledges their spa is small, but their goal is to provide guests with the highest quality massage experience possible and more personalized attention to detail. This little oasis has a spectacular view of both the city and the water, and a particularly striking view of the Bay Bridge.


The spa treatment rooms are located on the 6th floor of the Vitale and the outdoor soaking tubs are located on the roof of the hotel. The treatment rooms are basically hotel rooms. If you’re staying at the Vitale, you can just put your robe on in your room then go on up to the spa. The treatment rooms do not offer shower amenities, so if you plan on getting a treatment and are staying at the hotel, make sure to have your treatment before you check out of your room.

There are two beautiful tubs located in the spa’s hidden rooftop bamboo garden for what the Vitale calls their “once in a lifetime bathing ritual experience in an urbane setting.” You must get one of the bathing rituals or a scrub combined with a bathing ritual in order to soak in one of these babies. They are also big enough for two to enjoy!

It would be nice to have a steam room and a few more traditional spa amenities at Spa Vitale, but the services are fantastic and the therapists are great.


When I visited in April, I booked an 80-minute Herbal Infusion Massage. Uniquely known as Thaiyurveda, this treatment involves a heated compress filled with herbs. Guests can choose from four custom herb blends designed to augment your own healing and balancing process.

The heated compress gently glides all over the body during the massage, keying in on pressure points to stimulate circulation and ease muscle tension. Additionally, a traditional deep tissue massage takes place in between the compression massage.

I can honestly say this is a well-balanced massage and the treatment really worked for me.  The aromatherapy aspect to the compress is so calming. And I felt more relaxed during the deep tissue aspect of the treatment because of the calming herbal aromas. Afterwards, I smelled like eucalyptus, sage, lemongrass and rosemary, which I didn’t mind.  I’ve had it several times since and it’s never disappointing.

The best part about this treatment the heated herbal-infused compress. You can feel your muscles relaxing under the heat and herbs. And you get to take it home with you! Place it in the shower for the next few days and you have a wonderful-smelling spa shower.


The therapists at the Vitale are very professional and make sure that you are relaxed and doing well during your treatment. My particular massage therapist gave some extra attention to my shoulders when I noted my tension there. She went over the scheduled time to help fix my problem, which I appreciated greatly.

Overall service at the spa and in the hotel itself is top-notch, which is why I stay at the hotel and visit the spa Vitale regularly when I am in San Francisco.

Bottom Line

Although the spa is small and there are virtually no amenities, it is worth visiting if you are staying at the Hotel Vitale because the professional therapists and unique treatments make up for the lack of facilities.

  • Outdoor soaking tubs located in a private rooftop garden

$$$$ – Pricey


Hotel Vitale
8 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94105


Daily from 9am – 9pm


Call 415.278.3788 or e-mail to book an appointment with Spa Vitale.


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