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  • Facilities 90
  • Treatments 97
  • Therapist(s) 100
  • Service 95
  • Products 90
95 Top 3 in Las Vegas
The Spa & Salon at the Aria is one of the best spas in Las Vegas. It’s certainly in our top three, because of the exceptional quality in almost everything they offer. If you want a high-quality spa day while in Vegas, put this one on your list to visit.

The Aria Hotel, located in what’s known as the CityCenter in Las Vegas, is one of my favorite hotels in Vegas. It’s one of the nicest hotels –if not the best — in the MGM property group. The Aria encompasses and embraces so many things that I love: sustainability, beautiful and modern architecture, technology, smoke-free rooms, and an amazing spa.

The 4-million sq.ft. property is not only beautiful, but it’s also eco-friendly. To date, it’s the largest building in the world to be awarded the LEED Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council and subtle elements of sustainability can be found throughout the property, including the spa.

The Spa & Salon at Aria was awarded four stars in 2016 by the Forbes Travel Guide.  Given the size and aesthetics of the hotel, it’s no surprise that the spa is also enormous and stylishly sleek. This 80,000 sq.ft. space takes up two floors, the first floor comprising of the retail area, hair salon and reception desk. The state-of-the-art fitness center and spa itself are upstairs. There’s a men’s side, a women’s side and unisex facilities and an outdoor therapy pool for everyone to enjoy together.

The subtle environmental touches can be found throughout the spa, from its decor and color palette, to the treatments and products used.


The women’s side of the spa is huge. Next to the second “check in” desk just inside the doors, there’s a lounge with a flat-screen TV (which I don’t understand, frankly), snacks and drinks, most of which are healthy. The locker area, thankfully, is spacious, which is always appreciated. When spas get super busy, and their locker area is small, many bodies make for a cramped and less-than-Zen experience because women can literally be stepping on and over each other while trying to get dressed or undressed.

Next to the equally spacious shower and grooming areas, there are three hot tubs set in a large square where you can unwind and superheat your muscles in the buff. Each are different temperatures, ranging from a cold plunge to warm and hot. The eucalyptus steam room and dry sauna are also a very nice size, and allow for multiple people to comfortably sit in them at the same time.

But it’s the unisex areas that are really the crown jewels of the Aria’s spa. Perhaps the crown jewel is the long infinity Therapy Pool, located on a balcony outside that overlooks the Aria’s sprawling resort pool complex. Note that while this pool is for spagoers, it might not exactly be Zen out there since it does overlook the pool. When we were out using the therapy pool, it was full on daytime club mode at the resort pool — so we could see and hear everything going on down there. But it’s Vegas and that is to be expected if you go outside anywhere.

Back inside, the quiet unisex areas comprise of a comfy lounge where you wait to be called for your treatment, and the two unique rooms that the Aria is very proud of — the Ganbanyoku Room and the Shio Salt Room. The Aria claims to be the only spa in the country to offer these Japanese Ganbanyoku heated-stone beds, designed to simultaneously increase blood circulation, accelerate your metabolism, soothe your muscles and remove toxins from your body. These beds are raised stone tiled slabs. I thought they were OK for heating my back but honestly the sauna is way more comfortable. I don’t enjoy laying on stone tile, hot or not.

I also figured I’d try the Shio Salt Room for a few minutes to see what that was all about. In this room, backlit walls made up of pink salt blocks are the main features, and salt lamps are dotted throughout the room as well. Purportedly breathing this salt air is good for the respiratory system and should leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Again, it was OK…I guess? I live next to the ocean and get salt air when visiting the beach, but this was nowhere near that. I could barely even smell the salt. The air was clean and refreshing, and I suppose if you want to clear out your lungs from a smoky night in Vegas that this is a good place to do it. Besides the clean air in the salt room, there are reclining lounge chairs that come equipped with headphones that pipe soothing spa music into your ears, for those times when you want to escape the noise and just relax in a warm, dimly-lit room.


I received the 80-minute Signature Revitalizing Massage. The spa’s description is brief but accurate: “Receive all the benefits of a therapeutic massage while incorporating soothing muscle relief gel on concentrated areas of the body.”

I am always in need of muscle therapy (as opposed to a relaxation massage) so I requested the best therapist available. I really wanted the best bang for my buck, especially since I was in Vegas and my money was being thrown away in lots of places elsewhere.

The therapist I got looked and sounded exactly like Don Cheadle, to the point where I did a double take when he met me for my appointment in the lounge. Sadly it wasn’t Don Cheadle (wouldn’t that be a great story?) but his lookalike gave me a fantastic 80-minute therapeutic massage.

Right from the start it was clear that he was very, very strong. I’m not one to normally tone down the pressure, and if anything, I tell therapists they can be more firm. And although he was extremely careful and checked in with me often, I knew that if I let him continue that pressure I probably wouldn’t be able to handle it. He was really good at dialing it down in places I was more sensitive, and intuitive at maintaining the pressure where I needed it.

This treatment used a muscle relief gel, and he used it mostly on my back. It was a gel that I had never used or had applied before. At one point, I couldn’t tell whether it was extremely hot or extremely cold. All I knew was that it was making my back extremely tingly. I guess it did its job because I came out of that massage with my back feeling really good and opened up. The combination of his strong hands and the gel really loosened up all the tight areas from my neck downwards.


Service at the Aria is befitting of the Forbes Four-Star award.  Everyone from the check-in staff to the spa attendants and therapists are impeccably professional and friendly.  My therapist especially provided great service — he listened well and adjusted his pressure and techniques according to my requests.

Bottom Line

The Spa & Salon at the Aria is one of the best spas in Las Vegas. It’s certainly in our top three, because of the exceptional quality in almost everything they offer.  If you want a high-quality spa day while in Vegas, put this one on your list to visit.

  • Co-ed outdoor infinite-edge therapy pool
  • Dry Sauna
  • Eucalyptus Steam Room
  • Four Indoor Whirlpool Tubs
  • Plunge Pool
  • Spa Suites
  • Ganbanyoku heated stone beds
  • Shio Salt Room
  • Fitness center
  • Hair salon
  • Nail salon
  • Fireside lounge

$$$$ = Pricey


The Spa at Aria is located next to the pool on the 2nd Level Promenade in the Aria Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.
3730 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89158


The spa is open Monday through Sunday from 5:00 AM to 8:00 PM.


You can call the spa at (702) 590-9600 to book your appointment or you can book online.


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