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  • Service 80
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Great spa in a fantastic location, with breathtaking panoramic views. Professional and attentive service.

Translating as “Blue View,” the Vista Blue Spa couldn’t be more accurately named. Located at the top of one of the Monterey Plaza Hotel towers, high above the tranquil Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary, the spa offers breathtaking panoramic views from its outdoor sun deck. Two whirlpool tubs also offer spectacular bay views, so there are plenty of places where you can sit and appreciate the spa’s unique location. There are over 40 specialty treatments to choose from – including pre-natal treatments and a wide range of choices for men – meaning there’s something to suit pretty much everyone. Condé Nast readers rated the hotel 84.6, putting it in the top 75 Hotel Spas in North America. Having just experienced the spa for myself, I can see why.


Vista Blue offers a sauna and steam room in both the women’s and men’s locker rooms. The large, outdoor Jacuzzi is something I’m looking forward to trying out when I go back to the spa in warmer weather. There are also lounge chairs on the sun deck for you to relax on after your treatments, and if you’re hungry, you can enjoy a light lunch from the spa cuisine menu. The full-service, ocean-view gym offers plenty of options for a great workout if you’re feeling more energetic.

Massage and Body Treatments

I chose the Warm Soothing Stone Massage. This is a 75-minute treatment, which uses organic grapeseed oil and hot stones. As an extra add-on, I opted for a Moroccan Oil scalp massage. On the whole, I really enjoyed this treatment. The organic grapeseed oil really softened my skin, and the hot stone massage helped to get the kinks out of my muscles. The stones were heated to a comfortable temperature and the therapist, who I thought was quite experienced and professional, placed them in the right places to give me the most benefit from the treatment. She handled the stones very well and also used them to give me a deep tissue massage, getting deep into my muscles while still providing a relaxing hot stone experience. The scalp massage felt wonderful and was very relaxing. The only negative about this part of the treatment was that she used far too much oil. Fortunately I had allowed enough time after my treatments to wash it out – which was just as well as it took five washes to get my hair clean.

The biggest issue for me came when the therapist wanted to give me a facial massage after the scalp massage – without first washing the oil off her hands. She also wanted to use the same towel she had previously given me to wipe oil off my chest. I stopped her immediately, explaining that I don’t like having oil put on my face. Therapists are not mind-readers, and this was a great example of why it’s important for a therapist to talk to a client beforehand, to find out if there are any parts of the treatment which may be uncomfortable or unacceptable. This will make the treatment much more relaxed, and will make sure there aren’t any misunderstandings. My overall opinion of my therapist was that she was quite professional but was possibly carrying out a treatment with which she was not very familiar.


The staff at the spa was attentive and accommodating. I made my appointment over the phone, and my booking was handled in a friendly and efficient way. The lady I spoke to also, very thoughtfully, made suggestions for activities outside the spa that the whole family could enjoy.

Bottom Line

This is a great spa in a fantastic location. I will definitely be coming back when the weather is warmer to take full advantage of all the facilities available.

  • 2 outdoor spa tubs/Jacuzzis
  • Full service fitness center/gym
  • Restaurant offering light lunches
  • Rooftop sun deck
  • Men’s and women’s relaxation lounges, saunas and steam rooms

$$$$$ – Luxury


Monterey Hotel & Spa
400 Cannery Row
Monterey, CA 93940


Please note that hours are subject to change seasonally.

8am – 6pm Sunday – Thursday
8am – 7pm Friday – Saturday

Fitness Center:
6am – 8pm Sunday – Thursday
6am – 9pm Friday – Saturday

Sun Deck:
8am – 8pm Sunday – Thursday
8am – 9pm Friday – Saturday

In-Room Massage: Upon Request

Yoga: Saturday at 8am

Yamuna Body Rolling:
Saturday at 9am


Make sure you book your appointments well in advance to ensure you get the day you want. Appointments can easily be made by phone by calling 831-646-1700 or 800-334-3999.


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